Horizon 7.13 “ESB” release

As a follow-up on my previous post I have good news for the customers that need to stay on Horizon 7 release, most probably due to the support for the older Windows 8.1 Operating System.

Recently (Oct 15, 2020) Horizon 7.13 reached GA and VMware decided to consider this as an unofficial Extended Service Branch release meaning VMware is committed to supporting 7.13 following the ‘ESB support principles’: 

  • 2 years support for 7.13, until Oct 15, 2022,
  • Regular maintenance updates (typically ~9 months), which will only include bug fixes, security fixes and new Win10 version support,
  • Support for App Volumes 2009, Dynamic Environment Manager 2009 and Horizon Client 5.5,
  • Support for vSphere 7.0U1:

Please remember: To take advantage of this extension, customers must have a valid support agreement (SnS or Term support) with VMware during this period.

For information about 7.13 support life cycle, please see this KB.

Marco Baaijen

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